Yes, Proconsports works on appointment basis only. Call or message to schedule your session.

Do i need to make an appointment

What is a session at Proconsports look like

Treatments at Proconsports are always one on one with the same therapist. We highly value a "hands on" approach but we do might ask a substantial contribution from our clients in terms of compliance with advises and exercise programs.

Proconsports is specialized  in Musculo-skeletal conditions and is unable to offer maximal care for neurological cases. Proconsports location is unfortunately not accessible for wheelchairs.

Does Proconsports treat stroke patients as well

Who can benefit from Proconsports services‚Äč

I developed "Frozen shoulder" or have a slipped disc but i am not an athlete. Can i still get treatment at Proconsports

Everyone who is physically active, had a sports injury or simply wants to get fit or improve sports performance. We are open for athletes as well as the general public.

Yes, we provide services to the general public as well.

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